Vacuum Fans - Taper Lock

A 38” diameter fan assembly is a replacement part for Vactor® machines. These fans are constructed to meet exact dimensional specification and each part in the fan assembly is coated with a protectant to ensure longer life.

The center steel hub assembly is welded. The welded areas are then machined to eliminate excess weld material to enhance the performance of the fan when it is spun-up to full running r.p.m. This operation also aids in optimizing the fan into a prebalanced state.

The center steel hub is then zink plated via electrolysis to 70 r.c., which protects it against rust and corrosion. This process also preserves the base steel against abrasive elements.

The fan blades are centrifugally cast, not just die cast. Each fan blade has a tensile strength of 35,900 lbs. compared to others at 27,900 lbs. and a yield strength of 29,400 lbs. compared to others at 20,400 lbs. To safeguard against damaging abrasion, there is a hard chrome coating on the blade face.

The fan blades are then pre-weighed so that all 16 fan blades in the fan assembly weigh the same, again bringing the fan closer to a pre-balanced state.

The front and rear cover of each fan is anodized. This electrochemical process protects aluminum parts from corrosion and oxidation.

After assembly, each fan is spin balanced to eliminate vibration stress, providing longer life for both the fan and the transmission. Each fan is supplied with a Taper Lock Bushing.

The fan assembly is also covered under a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. Taper lock also sold separately

Made in the USA

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